Design Services

Sharrah Restoration & Construction Design is a full service exterior and interior design firm. We can design your project from the ground up, we can help you choose interior furnishings or get you settled in your new home. We can also consult on any aspect of building design both commercial and residential. We truly are a one stop design shop!! 

New Construction

Let Sharrah Design create your new space from start to finish. We meet with clients and listen to their ideas of the perfect home, office or business build. We take all their ideas and make them real. Our homes and business pages let you see just what we can do with a dream and your budget. We work with two local contractors, Knight Builders, Inc and Mark Austin Building and Remodeling, Inc.


Do you have an historic building that needs some love? We can take the old and make it new, high tech and fully functioning all while keeping the historic look and feel of the space. We have found the most highly skilled craftsman in our area in order to provide very detailed and accurate restorations. 

Drapery Service

Sharrah Restoration & Construction Design provides expert custom drapery service through Carole Fabrics. We offer over 600 fabric choices, hardware, pillows, fabric by the yard, custom installation and it all ships in 10 days! 


Are you a builder who wants to get started in the business but just needs a little helping hand? Don't hesitate to contact us. We can fill in where you need; lend an experienced eye to your building design ideas, perhaps help with purchasing those pesky little details like knobs, lighting etc. Let us help you keep your project on track.